Health, Safety and Environment Test

About the ContructionSkills Health, Safety and Environment Test

If you are considering taking your CSCS test you must first have taken and passed the CITB – ConstructionSkills Health Safety and Environment Test within the previous 2 years.The test costs £17.50 and can be booked online.

The test is 45 minutes long and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions which are split between;

  1. 12 behavioural case study questions about how you should behave on a construction site (you will find a video at the bottom of this page)
  2. 38 knowledge questions to check your knowledge of health, safety and environment issues

From 2 April 2012 the CITB – ConstructionSkills Health, Safety and Environment Test replaced the  old Health and Safety Test.

The aim of the test

This test has been running for over 10 years and having recently undergone significant improvements, it is designed to test the competence of on-site tradesmen and provide them with a good understanding of health and safety in the workplace. You will attend a mobile testing site or an accredited CSCS test centre, where you will take the computer touch-screen based test.

Exemptions to the test

There are some exemptions for people who have completed a construction related NVQ or SVQ within the last two years. If you are applying for a CSCS card in the same occupation that the NVQ or SVQ relates to, you may not have to pass this additional test. Please check in the first instance with your training provider to avoid any mix up or tests taken when they are not required.

Another exemption to the test is those holding an FAS (Eire) Safepass Certification. The CSCS Scheme recognises this certification and holders are exempt to the ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test.

Revision Material

You can purchase revision material for the ConstructionSkills HSE test from this link.

Essential Viewing

The ‘Setting Out’ is essential viewing for all ConstructionSkills HSE test candidates. The video details the safety measures workers can expect their employers to take on their behalf, and provides tips on what steps workers can take to promote a safer environment at the workplace. The ‘Behavioural Case Study Video’ as mentioned above, provides the candidate with an insight into the behavioural case study questions that will form part of every CITB-ConstructionSkills Health, safety and environment test. Viewing is highly recomended as the Behavioural case stdies form a large part of the test.